Analyzing Space

Interior Design Minneapolis – Analyzing Space

Analyzing Space

The first step to creating your space and its function is to make a list. This should consist of the essentials such as your space adjacencies, electrical, lighting and acoustical needs. People are often surprised at what can be created by making a few structural changes.

By having a complete picture of the space available, you can see how spaces work together in the layout. At this stage of design you are designing the space based on it's purpose and its need to function. It is important not to be swayed by too many outside opinions – everyone will have an opinion about how the space could be used, but behave as the interior designer would, and look for the best spatial solution for the required functions of the rooms.

Your interior designer will draw up drawings for every space. This will help you understand the vertical space as well as the horizontal ones – plans might seem boring, but in fact they are the tool by which you can make your dream environment become a reality.

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You can immediately sense how passionate Jaque is about her work. She conveys such positive energy, confidence and willingness to work with you. She truly cares about the client. Also, her vision, creativity and attention to details is really impressive and makes all the difference. She is the best! — Sheri Hoffman

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